Crash after saving and previewing

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  • Link to .capx file (required!): Sent by email


    Steps to reproduce:

    1. Save

    2. Press F4 or F5

    3. Crash

    Observed result:

    After saving, if you try to export the game or preview it, C2 will crash

    Expected result:

    Don't crash.

    Browsers affected:

    Chrome: yes

    Firefox: yes

    Internet Explorer: yes

    Operating system & service pack:

    Windows 8 32 bits

    Construct 2 version:


    PS.: I think the problem is with Autobackup.

    PS2.: The C2 stopped to work while saving the autobackup now, it's on the saving screen (when I pressed to save) have 25 minutes...

    I managed the windows to create a DUMP file of the C2 processes:

  • Can't reproduce, works fine every time here. I am sure we would hear about this a *lot* more if it was really a problem in Construct 2, so I would guess the problem only happens on your computer. What makes you think the problem is with autobackup?

  • I actually get this problem, too. After working on a project for a while and saving a number if times, it will seemingly randomly stop responding. It happens less frequently on previews, but still occasionally. If it dies during a save, it's during the backup portion. It happens more often the longer I've had C2 open with a project.

    I'm running Wondows 7 x64, (old) Pentium D

  • Ashley C-7

    I suspect it's on the backup portion because it saved as well, but didn't the backup file, also, on the left bottom side of the window it's saying "Saving Backup" or something like this.

  • Well are you sure your backup media is responding? For example if you back up to a network drive, and the network becomes disconnected or unavailable or is just very slow, it could end up spending a long time in the "trying to back up" state.

  • I have selected to backup on my Dropbox folder.

    Maybe the dropbox try to update the very first instant of the file existence to the dropbox server, while the C2 software is trying to write on it, so, it maybe do a conflict, where Dropbox and C2 are fighting for the preference and nobody can get access or the preference to write on it, I have no idea, it's just a theory.

    The problem is very random, and didn't happen today.

  • Yeah, I backup to a local hard drive. It's not the same one my game is on, but it's still physically in my computer. Heck, I'm backing up to my C drive where windows is installed :-P

    And when I mean crashing, it'll bring up the windows not responding dialogue. It is seemingly random, but occurs either during the backup portion after I manually hit save, or during a preview.

  • Ashley

    I'm turning off the backup system because one in 3 times I try to save and it simple never finish the saving status.

    On the left bottom side is write "saving auto-backup file".

    I tried to turn off on dropbox, on hard drive and only work fine when disabled.

    It is happening on every file I tried, also on the sample files of C2.

    I can show you anything else, maybe a debug, or other way to help find the problem?

    If necessary I can film it.


    Oh man, this last time, I lost all the job, because the backup made on the last save was 15 minutes, and the main file was not saved properly, also, the copy files are olds too.

    I'm using the folder style to save the project.

    Another thing, I watched the system and Construct 2, while on the problem, was using 0% of the HD, 0% of the CPU too.

  • I've made a tweak for the next build: now it writes the backup file to temp, then copies the temp file directly to the backup location. Hopefully this will fix it. I suspect previously when it wrote the backup directly to the Dropbox folder, Dropbox tried to start reading the file before C2 had finished writing it, causing a deadlock. Since it copies the file all in one go now it ought to be able to finish copying before Dropbox tries to read the file. Let me know how things go in r125.

  • Ashley,

    For now I'm working with the .CAPX style instead of folder style of saving, and I got no freezes after this change.

  • .capx backups work the same (by copying a file directly), so hopefully that means the change I made will work!

  • Ashley

    After exporting the game to dropbox, C2 freezes on the compressing step, and I think it's caused by the same thing, because trying without the dropbox, it works faster and didn't froze.

  • Ashley

    It happened again, and now inside C2 it's saying "Saving Backup" and on dropbox folder the backuped file is being uploaded. BUT, the CAPX file have around 3mb, while the backuped file have 56mb, also, I think while it's used by dropbox, what can spend a lot of time to upload, the C2 is unable to finish the saving status.

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  • I'm not sure what to do about this, it sounds like a problem with Dropbox. In r125 it creates the backup file in a temporary folder, then copies the backup file to Dropbox as a single file copy. If Dropbox tries to read a file before it's even finished being copied, I don't know what we can do...

  • I am also having this problem. My capx/project doesn't work anymore. My project (memory use:32.4Mb I don't know why so much, maybe the arrays?? & Events #: around 21000 for the moment). The backups also don't save and freezes construct2 and then when running the game doesn't load and gives these messages (I been able to run the game ok just yesterday after saving as new project folder but then I add a few more events and save and does not work again):

    1)Javascrip error!

    Uncaught Syntax error: Unexpected end of input, line 3701327 (col undefined)

    2)Assertion failure: Unable to load project: no JSON model available.

    etc etc etc Stack trace: etc etc....

    I could send an email with the Screen impresions of the 3 errors to whoever is a Scirra's.

    Any solutions so I don't have to waste all the work??

    PD: I don't know how to send a capx file (i don't have a server, and I have dropbox but don't want to make it public). I'm also concerned about the confidenciality of the code...

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