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  • Problem Description

    Construct2 crashes when creating a WebGL-based sample project

    Attach a Capx

    No need to attach, all WebGL samples shipped with the software have the same effect.

    Description of Capx

    See above

    Steps to Reproduce Bug

    * Open Construct2

    * Open any WebGL sample project.

    * Windows immediately reports a crash

    Observed Result

    Application crashes. I suspect the problem is with the video drivers, they are 5 years old but there is nothing I can do, as the PC is no longer in production.

    This is the transcript of the crash signature:

      Nome evento problema:	APPCRASH
      Nome applicazione:	Construct2.exe
      Versione applicazione:
      Timestamp applicazione:	556462df
      Nome modulo con errori:	StackHash_6e97
      Versione modulo con errori:	6.1.7601.18839
      Timestamp modulo con errori:	553e8bfa
      Codice eccezione:	c0000374
      Offset eccezione:	00000000000bfc22
      Versione SO:	6.1.7601.
      ID impostazioni locali:	1040
      Informazioni aggiuntive 1:	6e97
      Ulteriori informazioni 2:	6e973db421661dfba15ad6fe67e1d6fd
      Ulteriori informazioni 3:	770b
      Ulteriori informazioni 4:	770b1957e88dc7f8b0063ef1947b0613
    [b]Expected Result[/b]
    I would expect an error message from Construct2, explaining (more or less) why the example can't run on that specific computer.
    [b]Affected Browsers[/b]
    Not relevant
    [b]Operating System and Service Pack[/b]
    W7 with latest service packs and patches
    [b]Construct 2 Version ID[/b]
    release 206 - 64 bits
  • The rules state you must always provide a ,capx.

    You should also provide GPU information, as well as what browsers tested on (which should be all for a bug report).

    As you have already stated, your gpu drivers are ancient, so I can't see what you expect Scirra to do for you, unfortunately.

  • [quote:1wy8p7pv]I suspect the problem is with the video drivers, they are 5 years old but there is nothing I can do, as the PC is no longer in production.

    Nevertheless, there will be newer drivers for the graphics card.

    Or do you have such a special?

  • zenox98: ok I'll attach a capx, just for rule compliance. The information about browsers is not relevant because the application crashes as soon as the project is opened.

    Well, I really don't expect Scirra to make it work, but IMHO a software should not crash that way.

    deathangel1479: no, there are no newer drivers. I checked it on the HP web site, and my installed version is final.

  • HP dont make own grafic cards, HP is only a company that buy hardware and sell it to high prices. They have no interest to release drivers. They only have interest to sell new Computer.

    Find out what kind of grafic card you have (intel, amd, nvidia) and look on producer page, or ask someone who know, about those things.

  • Does the GraphicsDriverUpdater.exe utility in the C2 install folder help? It at least directs you to the graphics card's manufactures site to find a newer driver, if it exists. Fore example, The latest amd driver I can get that works for my card is 5 years old.

    If it crashes in the editor when opening a webgl capx then the "bug" is your graphics card can't handle shaders or something? I can use most effects in the editor except for a few of the more involved ones, which do crash the editor. But no doubt it's due to graphics card limits in my case.

    There is a project property "preview effects" to turn off the preview in the editor. capx files are just zip files that you can extract to a folder and you can change the setting in the .caproj file.

  • The tool does not work necessarily always.

    It find only my chip, not my additional card, and also only link to old win7 driver. OK, win10 is a little special...

    You can not always rely on it.

  • Sorry, I wrote "HP" but in facts I meant "Intel"! Anyway, no newer drivers.

    Time to replace that PC...

    R0J0hound thank you for the suggestions.

    No doubts the problem is in the graphic drivers, and I for sure don't blame Scirra.

    Yet I tremble thinking to comments like "that lousy game crashes as soon as I launch it", no matter how hard you explain that the problem is NOT the game but the driver

    A friendly message like "your PC cannot run this game" would be nicer

    This evening I will deactivate WebGL in the capx and see what happens.

  • Well the tool directs me to the amd site. Which in turn prompts me to download their autodetect utility. It sees my card but says no driver can be found. So my laptop's manufacturer is the only place to get a driver.

  • kalbun

    If the editor crashes and if the exported game crashes are two different things. And in general bad drivers won't make the exported game crash where it will crash the editor. Web browsers and nw.js will likely have the bad driver blacklisted in some way so webgl will be disabled so a crash can't occur.

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  • I can't reproduce and nobody else is reporting this, strongly suggesting the problem is specific to your system. This is probably a graphics driver bug. Closing as not a Construct 2 bug.

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