Crash when play sound in Cocoon JS [r103.2]

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  • Hi,

    During my construction of the game, i have been using Cocoon JS to test on mobile platform (Android). It has been working fine so far until i add music to the game. The screen just turn black and do nothing.

    I have tested a few times by turning off the sound and it works perfectly. So i can assume this is cause by the sound. Please note that this only affects the game when i test it in Cocoon JS, it works fine when i test it with my own browser.

    The sound that i am using is EpicArpg.ogg provided by Scirra Game Pack. Hope you guys can solve it.

    And btw, Construct 2 is an awesome software =). Thanks Guys

  • I apologize for not reading the rules first before i post the bug. Please find the link for the test capx file i created.

    Basically the steps are:

    1. create sprite

    2. add sound

    3. import sound

    4. create event on start of layout play sound

    5. export it to cocoon js

    6. run on phone (blank black screen appear)

  • I too just added sound into my CoCoonjs game and am now getting a random freezes happening during play (using 103.2 and 104) - usually within the first 30 seconds. works perfectly in other export modes.

  • Please report any bugs in CocoonJS to Ludei. It's their software, we can't do anything to fix it.

  • Just in case, any other people are facing the same problem as me. You have to load both .m4a and also .ogg in the project if you want Cocoon JS to run the sound perfectly.

  • hey ikzq,

    I have a problem with the sound too. It's not playing the frist time it should. Preloading to many sounds is causing freezing. (just 7 little animal sounds)

    when I import sounds to c2 there are already m4a and ogg generated. If I dont delete it, this should work? Cause I didnt and it's not working.

    Or what do u mean with "load both .m4a and also .ogg"?

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  • Hi MACPK,

    Sorry, i away for some time due to work.

    If i remember correctly, what happen was, when i load my sound, the .m4a wasn't generated, because i am using Windows XP (i think win 7 is required for conversion). So when i play it on the browser it works fine, because it is reading the .ogg files. but when i load it to Cocoon JS, it failed to find the .m4a and crash.

    So, you need to have both .m4a and .ogg for each of sound. and for the 7 little animal sounds, i do not have any problem as i have more than 7 sounds. but i do not preload any of them.

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