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  • Hi im getting a crash every time i hit open project or Save As file.

    Im able to load a project only if its on the recent projects.

    And only save them if i save as project.

    Help fixing this plz. I have lost like 4 hours of work when i try to save what im doing and it crashes.

    Tips ?

  • I have latest Nvidia drivers and win7 with updates.

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  • It's most likely a graphics driver issue - I'd report this to nVidia, it sounds very much like other driver issues we've had in the past.

  • i just reported a bug about this... i think its steam. heres what i posted.----------

    I got the Steam version and im 99% sure it is causing Construct 2 to crash.

    One crash happens when i try to load an image on the image editor.

    Another crash happens sometimes when i try to load a project.

    And sometimes at random while using image editor.

    When it starts to crash it crash ALL the time. Like something changed and its making it crash 100% of the time while i do the above.

    I think its steam because i "End Task" Steam and open Construct 2 again

    and its no longer crashing. And even if i close construct 2 and re open it without ending Steam it will crash again and again.

  • dont see how a video driver can be the cause if i "end task" Steam and run everything again and it starts to work perfect...

    until something happens that makes it start crashing again.. then i have to repeat. =(

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