Crash lost all my save data.

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  • Problem Description

    I had saved my construct 2 project work into an already existing file about 10 or more so times over the course of the day. My laptop froze so i error restarted the laptop... now all the work ive worked on today is lost, and this isnt the first time this has happened.

    Steps to Reproduce Bug

    • Step 1: Open project, make changes, save a few times.
    • Step 2: Crash your laptop holding the on/off button.
    • Step 3: Attempt to reopen last save (goes to previous update)

    Operating System and Service Pack

    64bit Windows 8.1

    Construct 2 Version ID


  • How is this a bug? If it keeps on happening, back up to the cloud..

  • How is this a bug? If it keeps on happening, back up to the cloud..

    Because i shouldn't have to? Because it should be looked into why i must constantly back up work that construct 2 must be deleting when it shouldnt/doesnt need to.

  • If this was a C2 bug, then thousands of people would be reporting it.

    I'm not saying this definitely isn't a C2 bug, but without precise steps to recreate, there is nothing anyone can do about it.

    It would probably also help to include information such as GPU, AV, Save location, whether backup locally and externally is setup etc.

  • Closing, if your system reboots without saving changes then like with any other software your changes will be lost.

    All software and hardware are prone to faults; you should keep backups for any digital work you do. You can also enable auto-saves in C2.

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  • No you're not reading the post properly. The saves are made-the computer closes down from battery loss, the computer is then turned back on, and it has undone the last few saves- since C2 was last properly closed. This isnt something common with other software. Autosaves are enabled.

  • Ashley

    On topic of crashes:

    I was using the image editor, I important a .png image and rotated it right, then went to use the box tool to crop it, it then overcropped and when I clicked anything Construct 2 crashed.

    No reason for the crash, when I did the same later it didn't crash.

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