Crash corrupted my .capx file :(

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  • Damn man... my game was going so well, suddenly a negligible error and crash corrupted my file, now I can no longer open the project in Construct2 ... this is making me very frustrated with the tool (which I insisted on buying this week).

    I would like to help to recover the project, otherwise I will leave the tool: (

    the error is this image below:

    and this is the capx file




  • You need a XML editor and then delete or edit the code from line 941.. You can use NotePad or WordPad! Find the current folder on your computer...\\?\C:\Users\LUIZCARLOS\AppData\Local\Temp\cap121TJQ\Teste.caproj open it and edit on WordPad or NotePad. I had the same problem with my game when I deleted an event sheet with a global variable that I used in other event sheet. In my case, I only delete in the XML code the Actions and Conditions that was using the variable and save the XML code again... then the capx open but I had to redo the actions and conditions in Construc that was removed in the XML code! ... -.- then I realized that all I had to do was create a new global variable in the XML code instead of removing the actions and conditions that had the variable on it!

  • Here's the recovered project

    .capx files are really just .zip files with a different name, containing a folder project. So you can rename it to .zip, extract all the files, and locate line 941 in Teste.caproj. There you can see the object "espinhosqsaem" has only two collision polygon points (there must be at least 3 to make a triangle), so I added another one at (0, 0) to fix the project, then saved as .capx again and it works.

    Can you remember if you were doing something with the collision polygon of the object "espinhosqsaem" just before this happened? We'd like to fix this to prevent it ever happening again. SamCartagenaPR, please also report any similar issues you find as bugs, we really want to fix these issues rather than having to resort to editing project files like this!

  • Ohh thx for this, I was really very sad thinking about not being able to recover :(

    thx so much Ashley, I really didn't know about this three points polygon collision, but I'm sure didn't move anything in the object "espinhoqsai", so much that I had saved the project and compiled it for html5 several times after having programmed and created the "espinhoqsai" object.

    I don't know how to add points in mask collision sprite editor.

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  • Ashley, ok no problem, I'll do it next time!

    gillenew, in the sprite editor right click above any collision point, then select Add Point

  • SamCartagenaPR: It's impossible to do this on my own, I find it strange because even doesn't show the buttons mask collision or origin point.

    They are "invisible" and I found just watching some videos, so I clicked in the place where they shall beand and it worked, but no icon on the buttons.

    see screenshot:

    - no icon

    <img src="" border="0" />

    - with invisible icon

    <img src="" border="0" />

  • gillenew, that's a known issue, so I'm closing this thread since the original issue appears to be resolved.

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