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  • Steps to reproduce:

    1. Open c2

    2. do some stuff

    3. watch how it is crashing

    Operating system & service pack:

    Win 7 64bit

    Construct 2 version:



    Hi there,

    since a couple of days (about two weeks I think) c2 is crashing for no reason...

    Yesterday I just reopened it from the menu bar and it crashes.

    Now I just want to create a new action - it crashes.

    I want to export - it crashes.

    I want to create a new eventsheet - you know...

    I can't specify the moment when this failure has begun, but it appears in every version (the last three releases tested).

    I'm a bit confused and helpless about that.

    My co-worker has the same problem. c2 shuts down daily for no reason.

    My c2-capx-file is now 52,1 MB big and it grows daily. I'm not sure if this is the main problem for c2, so I want to ask.

    Sorry about my english, I'm german and a bit upset now! <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    Thanks forward,


  • Unfortunately, this bug report is completely useless unless you post your capx. Not everyone with windows 7 64bit is crashing.

  • Sorry I can't post my capx. It's sourcecode of my firm, I'm not able to publish that.

  • Does it crash opening other .capx files?

    Have you got loads of tabs open in C2?

    Have you checked the memory usage of your PC when opening C2 and this .capx?

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  • Hi,

    working on other .capx files works fine, but I don't really work for a long time at those smaller files.

    The memory usage of my pc is increasing while c2 is loading the capx but after that it is in a normal range, like when c2 runs without any capx


    I've got lots of tabs open, yes. Exactly all eventsheets. I'll try to close them so that there are just the two I'm working with at the moment.

    Thanks for this Idea!

  • Is your capx using third part plugins/behaviors ? Is it happening on different computers ?

    Are your graphic card drivers up to date ?

    You may not want to post the capx publicly, but you could still send it via email to to see if it reproduces on Ash's computer or if he can find a possible reason for such crash.

  • Most Construct 2 crashes are caused by buggy graphics drivers. Have you tried updating your graphics card driver?

  • Hey guys,

    I'm one of the collegues of Camula. I think posting a capx file doesn't make any sense. Since we are working on a very huge, complicated project it's impossible to spot a certain mistake.

    I actually think it's not a particular part of construct, which leads to the crash. Sometimes it's even crashing without me doing anything. Yesterday for example I was checking my mails and it crashed.

    Even other collegues in our company are using construct 2 and are working on completely different projects, which don't have anything in common with our project. And they have the same problem.

    And yes, we update our graphic drivers regurlarly.

    I think an improved Backup feature would help us a lot. At the moment c2 just creates a backup file if you save the project. Sometimes I just forget to do this (mea culpa!). Therefore I lost 4 hours of work last week (we all know how frustrating this could be).

  • It's fairly common that even the latest graphics card drivers can crash Construct 2 a lot. As far as I can tell from the forums, Construct 2 is far more stable than that for the majority of users. So it does suggest a problem with your computer, drivers, OS or something like that, rather than a Construct 2 problem.

  • Hi there,

    using just two eventsheets works better since last week.

    I try not to have more than three tabs open and c2 goes fine with this.

    Perhabs there is a problem here yet?

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