Corrupted project from multple behaviors

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  • Hello,

    I recently created a new project in Construct 2, and after about 20 minutes of setting up the basics I was just about to start working on my player characters' behaviors, when after adding both "Platformer" and "Physics" behavior to the player sprite, the application crashed and subsequently corrupted the project.

    When trying to run the project again I get the following error:

    Failed to open project 'C:\mygame\game.caproj'

    Cannot locate element 'behavior-instances'

    Under element: c2layout \ layers \ layer \ instances \ instance

    Line 60, column 17

    In C:\mygame\Layouts\lvMap1.xml

    The file may be invalid. Try checking the file in a text editor (proejcts are saved in XML format).

    I PM'd the project to Ashley.

    Is this a bug?

  • Not a good idea mixing "Platformer" and "Physics" behaviour !(on the same object)

    You will always have problems.

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  • Maybe so, but I don't think it should make the application crash and corrupt my project?

  • Platform and Physics aren't designed to work together so won't work well, but it certainly should not crash the editor. I'm afraid it's hard to deal with this kind of issue because there is only the broken project as evidence, which is simply the consequence of the crash, not the problem itself. If you keep backups and can reliably reproduce a crash by some series of steps, do let me know, otherwise it's difficult to do anything about it because there's no information about what caused the crash (and lots of people are adding behaviors every day and it works OK for them). I PM'd you a recovered project, but I had to remove the Physics and Platform behaviors.

    It could be your graphics card driver crashed, which is a common problem and not our fault. So maybe try updating them.

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