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  • Problem Description

    ____ No exporta en cordova r246

    Construct 2 Version ID

    ____R246 ____

  • same thing happening with me

    While doing export Error is coming up

  • : mallorcaredes:

    Can't reproduce.

    Do provide EXACT steps: exact project it is happening with, (mallorcaredes mentioned in the support trying with the Retro Project template, but even though, I cannot reproduce), the exact Cordova configuration, the specs of your computer, any information that can help out reproducing the issue.

    At this point, we must assume it is a problem on your end, with the plugins you are using/have installed in Construct 2.

    Try uninstalling all third-part plugins, executing Construct 2 again and see if the export is still failing.

  • Good days.

    I have eliminated the whole C2, all the complements of third parties, have returned to install from 0 and it continues giving the same mistake.

  • Good.

    To avoid problems I have installed the C2 in another portable equipment, my surprise, which without installing plugins, has not given me mistake, attach screen of the export in cordova, files are absent, but it did not give to me any mistake.... Already I do not still have solutions ..... I accept suggestions.

    A greeting.

  • No project is provided, and I can export Space Blaster for Cordova without any issues, so closing as can't reproduce. I would suspect this is really a third-party addon causing the problem.

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  • Good.

    But if in portable, alone I have installed contruct2 R246, neither no plugin nor nothing .... do you want to say that of the plugin that the R246 brings there is one that gives the problem?.

    A greeting.

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