Containers spawning without reason

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  • Hello,

    Problem Description

    Containers outside of the layout are replicating inside of it without reason. Is there an evil leprechaun inside Cs2 ? <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_twisted.gif" alt=":twisted:" title="Twisted Evil">

    Attach a Capx

    Description of Capx

    This is a simplified version of a level. Two exemples of the first container are replicating themselves.

    Steps to Reproduce Bug

    swipe up a few

    Observed Result

    There are two "beacons" spawning in middle of the screen with the "stone" blocks from their containers.

    Expected Result

    Nothing, of course.

    Affected Browsers

    • Chrome: YES
    • FireFox: YES

    Operating System and Service Pack

    Windows 7 sp1 into Virtualbox 4.3.16.

    Virtualbox running on top of Ubuntu 14.04

    Construct 2 Version ID

    Release 178 64bits

  • From the manual:

    What containers do

    Placing objects in a container has the following effects:

    If one object in a container is created, every other object in its container is also automatically created.

    Isn't this what is happening?

  • What object ? Did I make something spawn here ?

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  • Specifically, you have two 'boost0' objects on your layout. When they get spawned during layout creation, the other contained objects will also get spawned, i.e. a Beacon0 and Boost0 for each Stone0. You could move them off screen (in C2 actions) if you wanted to.

  • Closing, please follow the bug report guidelines and only attach a minimal .capx demonstrating the problem with minimum events and objects. Also as other posts have pointed out it is by design that objects in containers must have one of each instance at all times, and the engine will create any missing instances on startup if necessary.

  • Argll sry, now I understand !

    Thank you everyone.

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