Construct2 crashes while adding an action

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  • Hi,

    Construct2 crashes when I double click "add action" in the event sheet. It also crashes when I open an existing event for editing.

    I tried with both versions 108.2 and 109. Same behaviour. I also updated my video card drivers, no positive result.

    I can open construct2, run my project and export it to HTML5 without any problems. As soon as I want to edit an action, it freezes and forces me to stop construct2 with windows task manager.

    I didn't had this behaviour in the beginning, it suddenly started last week. I don't have any other problems on my notebook. I use the free edition and have 91 events. My project is 2,5 Mb in size.

    Hope anyone can help me with this one.

    Best regards,


  • Does it only happen in the one capx, or is it in New projects as well?

  • bobvdende

    ***READ FIRST***: how to report bugs

    If you do not follow these guidelines, your report may be immediately closed.

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  • I didn't had this behaviour in the beginning, it suddenly started last week.

    So Construct 2 was working fine, then it suddenly broke even while you were using the same version? It might be a problem with your computer, such as failing hardware or buggy drivers. If there was a bug in Construct 2 where editing an action crashed the editor I'm sure we would be absolutely inundated with bug reports, but so far you're the only one who's reported it...

  • Hi,

    I updated my windows installation (windows update) and it seems that the problem is gone now.

    Thank you guys for your help.


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