Construct 2 wont run

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  • This 'seems' to be a Win 10 update issue with permissions and admin rights.

    There must have been a recent update that's changes something, although all my other software was running ok, everything in Steam has also stopped working.

    However the same fix (making them start with admin rights) for those games doesn't work with C2.

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  • You using steam version? or standalone?

    Steam version, there is a known issue with authentication... they 2 years later still haven't fixed it (they being steam)

    Got update last night - windows 10, my steam stuff working fine. (Is a strange issue you having that is for sure)

  • Sorry, I'm using stand alone of C2.

  • Ashley,

    I am now experiencing the same issue. And I can replicate it.

    re-install construct 2 stable version r212 from any of the other versions and from installer try to run construct 2.

    [quote:2cs7qvnv]Unable to execute file

    CreateProcess failed; code740

    Need to elevate permissions to run this file/program

    I can bypass this my elevating permissions, but definitely something wrong with R212. It seems to only trigger once you try downgrading or upgrading from another release.

    Same as OP, windows 10 64bit, etc.

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