Construct 2 v272 and V274 closes randomly

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  • I am using version 272

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    I updated Construct 2 to beta 274 and the same problem happened, in both videos I used the same project and did the exact same thing and on the first try Construct 2 was closed.

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    So I hope it is clear where the problem occurs and can be resolved, it is very annoying that this problem has arisen in recent months and several times lost a lot of time to redo because the engine closed out of nowhere.

    Only now in the afternoon, Construct 2 has closed at least 20 times, with a huge desire to uninstall the tool so angry that it is causing me.

    It always happens to close when I make a change in the image editor, closes when I create a new animation, closes when I delete some frame, closes when I try to move an animation to an animation directory of the tool itself, has closed even when I just changed the speed of the animation. animation.

    This is ridiculous, there is something in the image editor that must be causing an error and terminating the application.

    This has happened from versions above 250 if I'm not mistaken.

    Now I will have to install a very old version of the engine, otherwise I just won't be able to deliver a job.

    I am very disappointed with the engine.


  • I was closed only when deleting an event, before that I only opened the sprite editor.

    There is no way to reproduce this by following a few steps.

    I am convinced that the error is related to the sprite editor.

  • Are you both working on large project?

    Another way to look at the problem is the undo list. Im working on a rather large project (lots of images, events, layers, etc), and the strangest version of this happened yesterday.

    After a couple of hours working without a crash, I held the alt key for a few seconds, and then it crashed. Just in the editor, looking at an event sheet. It may have been saving at the time, but that was it.

    I wasn't alt-tabbing or anything (I was going to but got lost in thought, hence the holding down the alt key).

    I'm certainly not qualified to figure this out, but maybe it's a memory problem that's triggered after a certain point, which is reached faster by projects with more assets?

  • For the sake of conscience, I downloaded the 250 version of C2, opened the same project, simply in 2 days working on the project, did not close even once.

    So yes it is a problem in the latest versions.

    Yes, the problem always happens with the image editor, what I imagine is the event to close the window should somehow leave some variable looping when the images are large "in my project I have very large animations".

    Working on a pixel art project with small images this problem does not occur.

    To make everything lighter, I always leave the project open "save the project folder open" not being .capx, which when saved, save time.

    Finally, I am only using version 250 now in the projects and I have no problems.

  • I'm afraid there's nothing we can do about reports like this. Please see the bug report guidelines.

    There are two key things we need to be able to investigate a bug report:

    1. A project file demonstrating the issue

    2. Reliable steps to follow to reproduce the issue with the given project

    Both are missing from this report, so it is not actionable. It's important to follow the guidelines when reporting issues otherwise I'm afraid the report is not useful - the first thing we do when investigating reports is open the project and follow the steps. We can't debug videos.

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  • Ashley

    This error cannot be reproduced with a reliable list of steps because it is very random.

    Following a few steps does not guarantee the reproduction of this error.

    It may just happen once and when you try again to follow the same steps, the error no longer happens that way.

    I believe that C2 users should assume that this error will never be solved because scirra depends too much on the reliable list of steps.

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