Construct 2 stops working when I export the project!

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  • Construct 2 does not work at the time of export

    Hello guys, I have some problems in my Construct 2.

    Well my strees has started due to the malfunction of the software when you have a very large project, which leaves him with an absurd slow, consumed RAM unnecessary and constantly closing for no apparent reason, simply close and will not even let you error messages. ..

    But my strees it came time to esportar the file, I am unable to export it because the program just crashed (I do not know because they allow you to do a large project, since the program can not take it). I searched several solutions, rolled settings, and found nothing. So I figured it might be for a given software have been corrupted, then logically uninstalled, and reinstalled. BUT THE PROBLEM CONTINUES! Now what? Anyone know what I can do? Do six months I'm involved in this project, I've lost many nights of sleep, it is not fair to fail now, because the program does not export my file! Can someone help me?!?!

    I'm sorry for my English, I hope you can understand.


    Attach a Capx

    Link OneDrive for .capx file of the project, saved as a single file. (I'm not getting up the file directly here ...)

    Description of Capx

    A capx. saved as a single file. Containing the entire project.

    Steps to Reproduce Bug

    [1] Open .capx

    [2] Try exportalo in any standard or format

    [3] Expere until the program crashes ...

    Observed Result

    The program simply crashes, is not consuming all my RAM memory, much less processor or any other component. But he stops running in seconds, regardless of the format or configuration.

    Expected Result

    I hope he export the file as requested him, just that.

    Affected Browsers

    • Chrome: (NO)
    • FireFox: (NO)
    • Internet Explorer: (NO)

    Windows 8.1 Pro

    Construct 2 Version ID

    Version 190 (64-bit

  • I fixed the crash on export for the next build, but this is always going to be a colossally slow and memory consuming project to preview and export, because it is designed ignoring all of our best practices about memory usage.

    Read Remember not to waste your memory very, very carefully.

    Construct 2 estimates your project's memory usage to be about 3.6 gigabytes. It's surprising it runs at all, and very few systems will be powerful enough to start it up. You have a lot of images that are over 2048x2048 in size, and even some which are 14,793 pixels across. That is more than 7 HD monitors across, and for about 70% of GPUs, so large that they will not even be able to load it.

    The main problem here is your project is extremely inefficiently designed. Nevertheless I fixed the crash on export so it should at least export on the next build, but you should probably re-design it from the ground up using as few images of the smallest size possible, since in its current state even if you can export it, I'd guess only around 5-10% of desktop machines are powerful enough to run it.

  • I had to take this picture because of the default graphical proposal that wanted to work with him. I understand slowness, this is something that is standard including large companies software such as Adobe software I use. But does not justify the unexpected and without warning program closures. Not to mention that many of these closures occurred just when saved. Causing me to lose a lot of my work.

    Anyway managed to solve the problem. Apparently the program was in trouble with the sprite "company", probably due to the size of it. Then deleted it existed, I created a new one with the adjusted size, and the program ran without crashing in the export.

    Thank you anyway.

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  • zizomass - the crash should be fixed in r192, have you tried it?

    What you say does not change the fact you could easily make this project use far, far less memory. For example you have 4096 pixel wide images which are just grey with a line of doors on it. You could have a 32x32 grey tiled background with individual door sprites placed along it on top, for example, and you've saved about 60mb of memory right there.

    Like the blog post I linked to says, no tool is going to cope well with such extreme requirements on texture usage.

  • Because all ports have different numbers.

    If I did as you said, then had to save a PNG separated from each number and dispolos in place, which would give me a lot more work.

    I had to do it all alone in two months, and it was the first time I used the Construct. So I knew how to do, and quickly, because he had no time.

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