Construct 2 stops working when I export the project!

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  • Construct 2 does not work at the time of export

    Hello guys, I have some problems in my Construct 2.

    Well my strees has started due to the malfunction of the software when you have a very large project, which leaves him with an absurd slow, consumed RAM unnecessary and constantly closing for no apparent reason, simply close and will not even let you error messages. ..

    But my strees it came time to esportar the file, I am unable to export it because the program just crashed (I do not know because they allow you to do a large project, since the program can not take it). I searched several solutions, rolled settings, and found nothing. So I figured it might be for a given software have been corrupted, then logically uninstalled, and reinstalled. BUT THE PROBLEM CONTINUES! Now what? Anyone know what I can do? Do six months I'm involved in this project, I've lost many nights of sleep, it is not fair to fail now, because the program does not export my file! Can someone help me?!?!

    I'm sorry for my English, I hope you can understand.


    Windows 8.1

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  • Closing, please follow the bug report guidelines or there is nothing we can do.

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