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  • Construct 2 is slow

    I use construct almost all day, but AFTER some hours, constrcut 2 start freezing, and slowing down, and more i spent time working with construct more it become slower, its almost impossible to continue working after 6h.

    i have to restart my computer when it happens, if i restart just construct 2 nothing happens...

    Also when i click on the menu "VIEW" the app keep crashing.

    windows 7 ultimate 64bits

    windows 7

    12gb ram

    2gb nvidia

    1tera hdd

    Construct 2 Version 192

    version 192

  • Closing, there is nothing we can do about reports which don't include steps to reproduce, especially if it takes hours to reproduce (debugging an issue often involves trying it 10-15 times with changes each time so this would take weeks and weeks by the sound of it).

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  • well its nothing special, i mean i start constrcu2, i work, doing tests, and trying technical stuffs, but after some hurs, the software become rally really slow, i have the steam version of construct2,.

  • Ashley

    Earlier i had the same problem often after some minutes. When i don't need my personal edition on steam i use the free editon from this homepage. Clear cache helps? Now i need my personal edition it happen at least one time.

    Substance Painter example:

    If you purchase this product on Steam, you can as well get a licence on our website to use Substance Painter in standalone (by creating an account there and clicking on "connect to Steam") on your account page.

    This example would solve this slowdown problem.

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