Construct 2 r55 movement bug from tutorial

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  • Hello,

    i tried the tutorial following every step until when my character can shoot his bullets.

    By then if i start moving and in the same time clicking as a mad to shoot as many bullets as possible, sometimes it happen that my character keeps moving into a direction, until i press that direction again.

    This seems related to pressing at the same time the direction button on the keyboard and the fire button on the mouse.

    I linked the game to many friends just to be shure it's not a problem related only on my pc, and it's happening everywhere.

    I moved a little forward on the tutorial ad added some customizations, but the bug is still there

    My pc is:

    Windows XP

    Core 2Duo 2ghz

    3gb ram

    Integrated video card (Intel 965)


  • Well, I can't reproduce the "bug" in Firefox 6.0.2.

    Try updating your browser to the last version, and you shouldn't have those freezes. (And tell your friends to update theres also)

    And be sure to update you graphic card drivers.

  • FF6.0.2

    Works fine here also.


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  • I am using the last update of Chrome (forgot to mention that), my friends tried it on Firefox 6.0.2

    It's just "keep changing direction and spamclick the mousebutton" i can replicate it every time but not at the first click

    All my drivers are up to date

  • I've seen this in Chrome, but it's a browser bug. The javascript definitely detects key-ups (and it works fine in Firefox), it's just Chrome seems to have a problem with it.

    Will have to close this bug as "can't fix" I'm afraid - maybe logging a bug on Chrome's tracker will help...

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