Construct 2 R229 error on the new UI update!

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  • Problem Description

    The new Construct 2 UI of r229 looks great in design but whenever I go to the eventsheet to add conditions/actions the loading of opening the dialogbox is very slow but in the r228 version the dialogbox shows instantly. Not only that r229 is sluggish in comparison but it also have a lot of dialog defects and it is shown in the video and images below.

    Icon Mode Performance:

    1)Cache unique icons: Unusable in the event sheet + sluggish in my pc.

    2)Don't show unique icons: Usable in the eventsheet but sluggish.

    3) Usable in the eventsheet but sluggish.

    I also noticed that this only happens with big projects with a lot of objects unlike the templates or any small projects. I both tested the same project with r229 and r228 and it is very fast in r228 and very slow and buggy in r229. Here is the video of the comparison between the two with the same project:

    Here are the errors and weird things that happened with r229 that has never happened with r228:

    Information that might help:

    I am using an ultrabook Acer Aspire Switch 12 Windows 8.1 64-bit.

    INTEL HD 5300


    Attach a Capx


    Description of Capx


    Steps to Reproduce Bug

    • Have a big project with a lot of objects open. (Spriter Projects also helps to reproduce this because of the object count it contains)
    • Make sure to have events atleast 1000+ or 2000+.
    • Set Icon Mode to "Cache unique icons".
    • Click add event/click add action and you will notice it that the dialog will not show in an instant unlike r228.
    • When the dialog shows, there are times that error dialog shows, dialog box empty, invisible dialog box but resizable / draggable, disappearance of events dialog textbox missing or very small and displaced, disappearance of icons or crashing of Construct 2. Observed Result Video Link above or here: Expected Result For the C2 UI system to be as fast & reliable or faster & more reliable than r228. Affected Browsers
        N/A Operating System and Service Pack Windows 8.1 x64 Latest drivers and updated, Construct 2 Version ID Construct 2 r229
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  • Same situation here.

    Yes, I feel the same, although I have not yet had errors, only slowly and some error when redraw some windows.

    For example, some windows are made smaller but the areas that should be deleted to suit the size do not redraw then an visual error occurs with this zone of the window.

    If this is only trouble with this R229 version, then I am happy.

  • - Yes this only happens on r229. Errors usually shows up on projects with hundreds of objects and 2,000+ events, scml objects. a lot of families. Fortunately, Ashley said he will fix it.

  • Right now I have a new error, a tab layout is automatically closed, then when I try to open it from the file window, then a bug occurs and the program closes.

    I can not give an exact reason why this happens.

    Just when I preview and then edit an event, then the level layout tab closes automatically.

    When I try to reopen it again then a crash occurs and Construct 2 is automatically closed.

    I can not keep working.

    Any date for the update?.

  • In r229 there is better support for high-DPI displays. I assume you are using a text size greater than 100%? If so, then the editor will step up to the next size icon. It supports icons at 16px, 32px and 64px, and chooses the most appropriate size for the display. For example by default it will use 32px, but at 2x display it will use 64px.

    So as of r229 the better high-DPI support means on a high-DPI display there are more cases it will pick a higher-resolution 64px icon rather than the 32px icon. So previously it would re-use the 32px icon and never create a 64px icon, but now it creates lots more 64px icons, and gets closer to the 10000 GDI object limit which has been such a pain...

    So since this is a Windows limit there's nothing you can do other than use the new workaround to disable unique icons completely.

    If you have a low-DPI display then there shouldn't be anything different, but I assume it is that, so let me know if not.

  • Yes, by default my PC uses a 125 % of text size(Recommended Size). Honestly, since there are so many errors I already chose the option that doesn't show any unique icons but it is still not near 25 % of r228's performance. My projects becomes more unresponsive the more that it enlarge. So naturally I reverted back to r228, which I am using now.

    To answer your question if I am using a low-DPI display. I believe I am since I didn't change it before and until now. The problems are so significant that I believe that the DPI display settings that I am currently using can't be the reason for this.

    If you are asking us Ashley to find a workaround for this by our own, we will surely fail and eventually this program will become unusable for us.

  • This still works a little slow with my project, I wonder what will happen with larger projects.

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