Construct 2 Program Window Shape Problem

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  • This has been a problem for a while for me. I do not use visual themes.

    The window shape of the Construct 2 program is curved at the right corner. I work with the window maximized, and when I click to close the program I end up closing the program behind Construct 2's window! This is a major annoyance and I wish to either be able to disable the curved window or make the window click region behave as expected (like any other program).


    Please fix this.

  • We've been informed of this before but the issue appears to be in our UI library which isn't our code, so I'm afraid I'm not sure we can fix it. I think it only happens on Windows XP though, is that your OS?

  • Windows 7. Have you tried disabling visual styles? Why are the windows curved even with visual styles disabled? No other programs have this problem.

    System Properties - Advanced - Perfomance - Settings - Visual Effects

    I have everything disabled except for show thumbnails instead of icons and smooth edges of screen fonts.

    Hmm... I enabled "Use visual styles on windows and button" and the problem still exists. There is a small region on the top right and top left corners of the window where if I click the app loses focus / clicks don't count there. It is pixel perfect with the curve - and the curve still shows when maximized while other programs become rectangular?

  • I think its only not rounded with "Windows 7 Aero" :(

  • I just tested turning on an Aero theme. The window maximized now functions as expected, but I prefer working with themes disabled.

    Can other people test turning off visual styles / Aero theme and see if the window loses focus (test having another window below Construct 2 also maximized) when maximized and you click at the very top right to close the application.

  • tested, confirmed loosing focus when maximized and clicked exactly in top right corner, but probably nothing can be done about this. or maybe the used ui library has some simple option to disable rounded corners for windows?

  • When/if it's fixed I'll be glad.

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  • If you click on 'view' in Construct 2 then click on 'theme', the 'office 2007' themes don't have the issue you mention.

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