Construct 2 pop up dialog window went invisible.

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  • Hi guys, I'm new to Construct 2 and just downloaded the free version yesterday. I did the beginner's guide and everything was fine.

    But just couple hours later, when I open the Construct 2 and try to create a new project, the create new project dialog window won't show. It is there, since I can hit "esc" to cancel it or "enter" to create a new project. Later I discovered that it's not just the "new project" window. All the other dialog window went invisible too, like adding new event, new actions, or new variables.

    I really have no clues why this is happening while it was working perfectly fine 2 hours ago.

    I understand it might be my computer's setting and not a Construct 2 bug, so if anyone has run into this similar problem or have any suggestions, please help me.

    Thank you in advance.

  • I think you skipped a build and the registry data has messed up. Try deleting HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Scirra\Construct2 from regedit and see if that fixes it.

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  • Worked like a charm. Thank you Ashley.

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