Construct 2 menu crash

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  • win 7 32bits

    Using construct 2 r53 free


    1. Start Construct 2
    2. Click the blue button on the top-left (the one that opens the menu)
    3. Click it again
    4. Construct 2 should close with no error message (it even displays the "buy now" dialog, as if you told it to close!). If it doesn't, try double-clicking the item.
  • Does it show an error message? Double clicking the file menu to close appears to be a standard shortcut to close the application, provided by our UI library.

  • No error message. It doesn't appear to be a crash or error, just a close command. If you have a project with unsaved changes, it will even ask you if you want to save.

    It's a weird, unexpected behavior, because you can open the file menu, then change your mind and click the button again to hide it, and your project will close.

    It's even worse because when I ran into that bug, I told construct to save my project into c:\program files\ which failed (obviously, due to UAC), but that made the program think it had saved the changes, and when it closed (due to this bug) it failed to show the confirmation dialog.

  • <img src="" border="0" />

    Doubleclick the upper half -> Exit

    Doubleclick the lower half -> Nothing

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  • This is just a UI library shortcut to close the app. I'm not sure there's anything we can do about it either. Closing as not a bug.

  • c2 calls werfault.exe when delayed clicking on this. I guess this is no feature of the used UI.

    Also i've never seen an app closing (so fast) just by clicking multiple times on the windows menu button.

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