Construct 2 Limit of 10,000 events problem

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  • Link to .capx file (required!):

    Steps to reproduce:

    1. There are 2 capx files (1 with 9999 events that loads fine & 1 with 10002 events that doesn't load properly). The difference is on line 5803 of the Event Sheet 2.

    Observed result:


    The game doesn't load when the number of events is greater than 10,000 (even when the majority of these events are on a function not called On-Start-Of-Layout). At least the logo and loading bar appear.

    When the number of events is 9,999 it loads the game properly.

    Expected result:

    Browsers affected:

    Chrome: yes

    Operating system & service pack:

    Windows Xp SP3

    Construct 2 version:


    Type of Game: Board Game (It needs lots of events...)

    Is there a limit on the commercial version of Construct 2??

    I think the browser or something get messed up when the events reaches 5 digits. Is there a way to solve this.

    Thank you in advance.

  • Google Drive is asking me to request permission to access the files. That should not be necessary, please just make them public.

  • .capx files cannot be accessed, only option is to request permission.

    I'm really interested in seeing this, as having 10k events in a single project sounds excessive :)

  • Sorry Is actually the first time I use GoogleDrive, now they should be public.

    Actually I was already with almost 21000 events...(that Function was completed & I still haven't lost that work, is in another capx) and the game will need quite a lot more..

  • 21,000?? Wow, I thought I had a lot with 11,000 for loot pursuit. o_O I know it's off topic for the bug, but I'm also quite curious about what you're making that requires so many events.

  • Yes, 21,000 does seem excessive. I wonder how efficient your programming is. Does it make full use of functions and variables, for example, to eliminate repetition?

  • I am not a profesional programmer. I had some previous experience in visual basic and I've been learning some other languages (medium level). I'm and learning while I make my third app with Construct 2 (already made a game similar to the classic Arkanoid called Tronidoid is in Google Chrome and a pilot app for mobiles similar to a Wine "right" price Calculator).

    Think of games like Chess and all the algoritms it may need. My game is a version of Stratego and yes it uses functions, variables and arrays.

    Maybe I could try to even made more efficient the code but I don't think I could reduce by more than half and the state of the programming of the game is sure less than 30%.

    I'm waiting for a solution so I can continue the progrmmimng!

    Pura vida

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  • Using families would reduce amount of your events to 10% of what you have now. I recommend you look into that. :)

  • Can't reproduce, both projects appear to be able to run on my computer. Construct 2 has no hard-coded event limit - it technically can support any number of events, even far over 10,000. So I think you've reached the point where you've got so many events your computer is running out of memory, and by coincidence that's happening at the 10000 mark.

    Your events are ludicrously wasteful. The problem is not Construct 2 - it's the fact you are designing your project in just about the most inefficient way possible. You should be able to design a project like this in well under 1000 events - less then 10 times as many events as you've already got. Construct 2 provides lots of features specifically designed to help you avoid repeating events in this manner, such as Families, loops, and functions. You should use them. While Construct 2 supports more than 10,000 events, it does not make it a good idea. In my opinion, any project going over 5000 events probably needs a redesign!

  • I guess i'll have to redesign the project. My DELL labtop has 2Gb of RAM.

    Thank you for your attention and advice.

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