construct 2 and Java compatibility issues

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  • Excuse me

    I use Google translate Chinese to English. Semantics may not be accurate.

    I discovered a problem.

    May not be considered a bug.

    If my pc java software is installed, the browser can not be used to the 'run layout' button to run the project.

    If you uninstall java, projects can run.

    The new version of the java and construct2 of whether there are compatibility issues.

    Store my capx file here.""

    My system is win7 64-bit. construct2 version is r95

    Error message:

    Assertion failure: No running layout in tick ()

    Stack trace:


    ����at Error (unknown source)


    assert2 (

    ����at Runtime.tick (


    at Runtime.setSuspended (




    at HTMLDocument.onVisibilityChanged (


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  • Java is only used when you export. So I don't think it is related to the error message you posted.

    I ran your .capx and it worked fine. Can you provide any more information about the problem?

  • I tested

    Chrome or ie9 browser java plug-in installed, will 'run layout' run project impact.

    Caused by the project can not be opened, or open an exception (background map can not be opened).

  • Java plug-in version 6.0.350.10

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