construct 2 doesnt start on my pc with steam

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  • Steps to reproduce:

    1. press start on Steam, does not happen

    2. I have downloaded the DLL has Brought no success.

    3. I downloaded free version Construct on Scirra homepage, it works fine!

    Observed result:

    When I start Construct Directly from the installation directory, I get the Following message: Der Prozedureinsprunspunkt "" wurde in der DLL "gdiplus.dll" nicht gefunden.

    Expected result:

    It dosnt run

    Operating system and service pack:

    Win 7 / 64bit

    graphic card drivers are up to date

  • I have tried to run Construct 2 through Steam with multiple XPs and it doesn't work. Steam just says "Failed to start game (app already running).

    Today I just got Windows 8 installed on my Mac, which I bought only to use C2. Does it work? Nope! The exact same error message occurs, and I really doubt it has anything to do with my graphics driver which is fully updated.

    This is a major bummer, as I can't switch to Windows 7 now. The only OS C2 has worked with is W7 in my experience, which I borrow from a friend when it's available. The reason I bought W8 was to test out my games as W8 apps.

    I think that you should consider fixing this bug as it impacts a LOT of users. I posted this problem on the Steam page as well, and others have answered that they have the same problem and don't know of any solutions.

  • Most likely a Steam problem.

    I have been using C2 on Win8 since Dec 2012 and it works just fine aside from the known crashes which seam to be occurring on multiple platforms.

    And I believe Ashley develops C2 on Win8 also.

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  • I've also been having problems getting it to work consistently on Steam. It will either fail to launch or will crash (on windows 7).

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