Construct 2 crashing at school

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  • Hello peoples,

    I want to start a game development club in my school using Construct 2.When I try to open Construct it crashes. I have checked the graphics display drivers and they are upto date (Intel onboard G41 Express). Can you think if there is anything else that could cause this problem? I am using the school's computer. I am trying to run it from my pen drive because if I install anything I get into trouble. Doing anyting to do with the registry editor would be a real pain in the bum, as my school have been unco-operative to say the least. What do you suggest? How could I fix this problem? Many thanks.

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  • Why have you made a new thread? Please keep everything in the same thread in future otherwise it's confusing to follow what is going on.

    If you don't have admin access to the computer I'm afraid I can't help you much, I need to know if the registry change I suggested in the other thread will work.

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