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  • Problem Description

    My Construct 2 crashes after being opened a bit of time, even without doing nothing.There are sometimes that it doesn´t happends.This is the info of the problem:

    Nombre del evento de problema: APPCRASH

    Nombre de la aplicación: Construct2.exe

    Versión de la aplicación:

    Marca de tiempo de la aplicación: 5645dcc3

    Nombre del módulo con errores: atio6axx.dll

    Versión del módulo con errores:

    Marca de tiempo del módulo con errores: 5723b08d

    Código de excepción: c0000005

    Desplazamiento de excepción: 0000000001d361d8

    Versión del sistema operativo: 6.1.7601.

    Id. de configuración regional: 3082

    Información adicional 1: 3f90

    Información adicional 2: 3f908cdeba76949558c522907e6ae551

    Información adicional 3: a27d

    Información adicional 4: a27d202fc026dc5fa1c3cd5f5f21bc8f

    Attach a Capx

    It isn´t the problem of the capx, because it also happends when you don´t open a project

    Description of Capx

    Steps to Reproduce Bug

    • Open Construct 2
    • Wait

    Observed Result

    ____ What happens? ____

    Expected Result

    To work as usual

    Affected Browsers

      This isn´t the problem

    Operating System and Service Pack

    Windows 7

    Construct 2 Version ID


  • The important part of the crash is the reference to "atio6axx.dll" which is the biggest indication that it is your GPU drivers that are at fault.

    Try updating your drivers, and also try the latest beta, as recommended in the 'Bug Reporting Requirements', to see if there is a difference.

  • I updated them, and it´s still happening.

  • Can someone help me?

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  • I still maintain it's the GPU driver that is at fault - it nearly always is in these cases.

    What are your system specs, including GPU type?

  • Closing, the error message indicates your graphics driver is crashing, not Construct 2, so we can't fix this.

    You'll need to contact your graphics card manufacturer's support if you already have the latest driver. It might be easier to try and find a new system :-\

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