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  • Hey guys,

    As part of my game, a moving sprite set with the behavior of BULLET collides with solid objects (Walls).   In the example below, I have a ball and a couple of walls to illustrate the problem. When the ball hits a straight part of a wall it reacts fine. However when the ball collides where two walls intersect at a 90 degree angle, sometimes the ball seems to speed up and not follow the expected bounce path. Sometimes it will shoot right through another wall.

    In the example capx, the ball will move to where you click, so just click where the walls intersect, you will see any combination of the following:

    • The ball just speeds up when it should just maintain the same speed or slow down as acceleration is set to a neg number
    • The ball will react to one wall first, then "stick" to the perpendicular wall as it continues on its path, when it should bounce off both walls.

    Thanks for the assistance!

  • Your dropbox link is a 404, can you make sure it's in a public folder and post the link again?

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  • It's back live, sorry, I removed some files from the account for space and deleted that one too. My solution was just to use Box2d and now the collisions don't have the issue I was experiencing when just using the BULLET and SOLID behaviors.

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