Cocoonjs audio volume not responding?

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  • Hi!

    Im working on my game for ios and stumbled uppon a little problem.

    When i arange the volume in construct 2 per sound, as in.

    A:play "gunshot"

    B:set volume "gunshot" to -10

    Cocoonjs plays the audio but doesnt alter the volume.

    I searched their website and in the Ludei Cocoon audio section

    they do seem to support volume.

    (I also searched the scirra forum on this and found nothing)

    Today i recieved a e-mail form Ludei.


    About volume, CocoonJS supports the volume property of the audio object. I do not know how Construct2 handles audio volume changes. You should check the source code that generates to be sure.

    So... because that is really out of my league i reported this as a bug.

    Is it a know bug?

    If not, i wil make a smaller test capx to present to u.

    Kind regards.


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  • Construct 2 should be setting the volume property read by CocoonJS. Can you share a .capx that tests this?

  • Hmm!

    I made a test capx just to find out that it does work...

    Well, i dont know what strangeness i was encountering before but its ok now.

    So apparently no bugs here, and that should be good news!

    Thanx for the help!

  • There was an update to the CocoonJS launcher yesterday. Maybe the new version fixed it?

  • I checked the iphone's appstore today and they still have the same CocoonJS version updated on 7-8-2012, so that would not be it.

    But its good to know that an update is on the way!

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