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  • im getting errors from both phone gap has been like this for a wile now the steps im taking

    1.export to phone gap put all my info in

    2.first i tried to upload without ziping the files and i get the appmobi javascript library is missing

    then with zipping the files i get the same error message

    3.go through all the steps of putting the scripts into the html files and i still get the error message


    1 export to cocoonjs grab the zip put it in dropbox

    2 upload the link in the cocoonjs app

    and it freezes at about 60% every time gotta restart me phone

    currently im using the htc glacier with android 4.0.4 icecoldsandwitch

    and same thing happens on the s2 all stock

    any ideas on why either of this is happening?

  • Re: PhoneGap - why would it give an error about appMobi? That's a different service, are you sure you chose the right export option?

    Re: CocoonJS - if you press the FPS button to bring up the debug console, are there any errors? Are you using any third party plugins?

  • no third party plugins as for phone gap i get the error as soon as i click the finished button i get this error

    ill try and click the fps button for the debugger but my phone usually freezes before i get the chance to

  • cocoon keeps freezing on me i click the fps and.. it freezes cant check anything

  • eldods, you are using appMobi there, not PhoneGap! So you need to use the appropriate export option.

    I would contact Ludei about any problems using CocoonJS, I'm not sure we can fix them.

  • ok how would i go about contacting ludei also ive noticed that the accelerometer is not working on cocoon and that its only working in portrait mode

    an yes i am exporting it with phonegap not appmobi

  • dont really want to start a new thread about this but appmobi direct canvas for apple not working


    1 export to appmobi use direct canvas

    2 upload the file it works in the emulator

    3 hit test anywhere

    4 grab the appl ipod touch

    5 open the app launch the current app it gets to the appmobi splash page load the dosnt even hit the game loader screen and the app shuts down any thoughts on what happening i am using all supported plugins spent hours doing that

  • also uploading the other way through starting the project first and then sending it to the appmobi project folder this is happening

  • You need to contact either appMobi or Ludei about directCanvas or CocoonJS problems - we can't fix them if the problem lies in their code. You can find contact information on their websites.

  • Thanks to such a wonderful information which helps me a lot in PhoneGap Development.

  • eldods you are exporting your game from construct using phonegap export - that's why you get error in appmobi. you need to export using "export to appmobi" option from construct2. phonegap IS NOT appmobi.

    the best thing to do would be sharing capx as always.

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  • but thats the error i get when i launch from phonegap im not launching a phonegap project with the appmobi xdk im exporting for phongap and launching from phongap xdk and i get the appmobi error

  • appmobi phonegap xdk also is not the same thing as phonegap :)

    phonegap export is meant for phonegap build service, not appmobi phonegap xdk.

  • o wow then whats with them both calling themselves phonegap?

  • they don't call themselves that, phonegap is a technology name, not company's. both appmobi and nitobi (adobe) uses phonegap technology to create native apps from html5 apps that are exported from construct. construct exports using phonegap technology adjusted to nitobi's (adobe's) phonegap build and NOT appmobi's phonegap xdk.

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