cocoon iOS "Can't get UUID from the provisioning profile."

  • Hello all! I'm having a build problem, with the iOS provisioning profile. What's a UUID?

    The error says... "Can't get UUID from the provisioning profile."

    I've been trying to build all day, but I keep getting the same error.

    Here's the log info:



    Signing error: Can't get UUID from the provisioning profile


    [2018-05-10T09:15:14.692] [DEBUG] IOSBuilder - [prepare] cordova restore platforms

    [2018-05-10T09:15:14.709] [DEBUG] IOSBuilder - [prepare] adding engine iosqgi@4.5.4

    Ignoring: Contents.json

    [2018-05-10T09:15:26.876] [DEBUG] IOSBuilder - [prepare] cordova restore plugins

    [2018-05-10T09:15:26.879] [DEBUG] IOSBuilder - [prepare] adding plugin cocoon-plugin-ads-android-admobgod@1.0.11

    [2018-05-10T09:15:26.926] [DEBUG] IOSBuilder - [prepare] adding plugin com.ludei.defaultres.iosgod@1.1.1

    [2018-05-10T09:15:26.975] [DEBUG] IOSBuilder - [prepare] adding plugin com.ludei.usericon.iosgod@1.0.1

    [2018-05-10T09:15:27.020] [DEBUG] IOSBuilder - [prepare] adding plugin com.ludei.webviewplus.androidgod@2.2.1

    [2018-05-10T09:15:27.062] [DEBUG] IOSBuilder - [prepare] adding plugin com.ludei.webviewplus.iosgod@1.1.4

    [2018-05-10T09:15:27.100] [DEBUG] IOSBuilder - [prepare] adding plugin cordova-plugin-ad-admobgod@1.0.118

    [2018-05-10T09:15:27.157] [DEBUG] IOSBuilder - [prepare] adding plugin cordova-plugin-whitelistgod@1

    Ignoring: Contents.json

    [2018-05-10T09:15:29.769] [DEBUG] IOSBuilder - [build]

    [2018-05-10T09:15:29.770] [DEBUG] IOSBuilder - [build] create certs folder

    [2018-05-10T09:15:29.771] [DEBUG] IOSBuilder - [build] p12

    [2018-05-10T09:15:30.247] [DEBUG] IOSBuilder - [build] provisioning

    [2018-05-10T09:15:30.691] [DEBUG] IOSBuilder - [build] remove keychain

    security: SecKeychainDelete: The specified keychain could not be found.

    [2018-05-10T09:15:30.784] [DEBUG] IOSBuilder - [build] add keychain

    [2018-05-10T09:15:31.416] [DEBUG] IOSBuilder - [build] Using identity: iPhone Distribution: John Aguanno (1F7HDJFC4G)

    [2018-05-10T09:15:31.457] [DEBUG] IOSBuilder - [build] install provisioning profile

    [2018-05-10T09:15:31.470] [DEBUG] IOSBuilder - [build] clean

    [2018-05-10T09:15:31.471] [DEBUG] IOSBuilder - [build] remove keychain


    Can someone help me figure out what's going wrong?

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  • Closing, this forum is for C2 bugs. Please report issues with third-party services to their developers.

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