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  • if you create an Array and then clone it the cloned array wont return any values just 0 no matter what. I dont know if it just doesnt get the values set properly or just doesnt return em properly but either way it doesnt work.

    I struggled for over an hour last night tryin to use a cloned array and nothin was workin. I had to resort to the browser dialog box plugin to start testin values as I set em. No matter what I did the cloned array only returned 0.

    So then I inserted a new array (not cloned one of the existing ones) and it worked with no issues and I was able to move on

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  • Ashley: sounds like it is still relative to the original instance of the object "bug".

    Cloning an array doesn't seem to create an original instance in the layout, and the array appears without properties like already reported here.

    Example capx following aridale's steps.

    Create an array, clone it (right click in object's bar) set the code, executes, ArrayCloned apparently only contains 0s and displays none of the array properties (width, depth, height) in the properties bar.

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