Check failure ; Cloning deleted object type

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  • I can't seem to reproduce this bug report but I did get a log.

    Construct 2 Check failure
    Check failure!  This is probably a bug:
    Cloning deleted object type
    Condition: !IsDeleted()
    File: Projects\ObjectType.cpp
    Line: 445
    Function: class std::unique_ptr<class ObjectType,struct
    std::default_delete<class ObjectType> > __thiscall 
    ObjectType::Clone(void) const
    Build: release 47.2 (32-bit) checked
    Component: Construct 2 IDE
    (Last Win32 error: 0)

    I wasn't completely sure what I was doing to receive this report. I remember I was just figuring things; cloning a object, copying/pasting a object, and removing them. I did delete the object under "Object Types" folder then clicked something on the layout and poof, the check failure.

    I tried to reproduce but it works like a peach though.

    OpenGL Information
    Rendering with OpenGL 2.1.0 - Build
    Intel; Mobile(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family
    (shader language 1.20 - Intel Build
    Window Vista 32-bit
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  • Thanks for the report - that's really weird, it looks impossible in the code... I'll keep an eye out for similar reports.

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