Changing Sprite names - Incorrect Animation

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  • Hi,

    I was updating the names of sprites in my game and ended up deciding I wanted to rename one sprite from "SPR_Tuck" to "SPR_Draft"

    I also decided to rename a different sprite from "SPR_Draft to SPRDraftZone"

    As expected, all events updated themselves to the new names without any issues. But one thing that did go funny was that the sprite I changed from SPR_Draft to SPR_DraftZone ended up having the actual sprite picture change to the one that I just put to that name. It might be a browser cache thing rather than a bug?

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  • Please provide the following information with bug reports otherwise we cannot help:

    - attach a minimal project demonstrating the issue

    - provide steps to follow to reproduce the issue

    - observed result description vs. expected result description

    - C2 versions tested

    - system details

    - where applicable, affected browsers/devices

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