CAPX can't be opened

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  • Link to .capx file (required!):

    Steps to reproduce:

    1. Open CAPX

    Observed result:


    Expected result:

    Open file

    Operating system & service pack:

    Win 7

    Construct 2 version:

    Tried on r109, r114, r121, r122

    While trying to open file it says:


    Unable to load project


    Could not open project '\\?\C:\Users\Rafal\AppData\Local\Temp\cap1049Z0\Tree Fractions.caproj':

    Cannot find action by ID




    I used plugins: rex_moveto, rex_function and linkit plugin (download: ) and I know it could cause the crash.

    But this project is very important to me. I've been working on it over a month and now I can't open it. Please could you even copy all the actions that I could somehow rewrite the code. Or maybe you can open it partially...

    This file was saved in r109.

    I'll buy 5 more C2 licences if it'll be needed just not to loose all my work.

  • Did you check to make sure those plugins are still in the plugin directory? I know it's a silly question but it says it can't find the action. So maybe the plugin was erased somehow or you installed an update to a plugin that got rid of an outdated action?

  • It opens fine here with r121 and the latest rex_moveto and rex_function plugins. Perhaps try reinstalling those plugins.

  • Closing, I'm afraid we can't help support issues with third party plugins. This type of error is always caused by third party plugins changing their code in a backwards-incompatible way - make sure you use the right versions of the plugins.

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  • tecbug

    Dear my friend...With my experiences..Steps you should follows like:

    1. Save your project as project (not capx).

    2. Upgrade your cc2 editor.

    3. Reopen your project form data is wrote in XML with newest version.

    Because some of object has been changed after version changed..!!

  • Thanks. I finally managed to open it. After 10 installations of different versions of C2 and all plugins.

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