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    After finished my game for today and saved it, then I tried to open again it show me this message

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  • kajuto84

    well its hard to know whats cousin g the problem, have you tired opening a back up?? open all your back ups, and see if you can open at least one.

    im sorry im not of help, maybe someone else here can help, be patient

  • I already tried open backup file but can't Lunatrap

  • It's a second or third report about corrupted save files. Upload your broken .capx. Oh and what version of c2 you use?

  • Im using The latear versión Sisyphus , what can i do?

  • As Ashley constantly states, reports such as these are no good if you don't provide both a .capx and as much info as possible regarding the process you were undertaking at the time.

    Info such as save location, anti-virus used (some can delete temp files before you've finished with them, but could cause corruption), os, what you were doing at the time, and anything else you can think of that might help.

    As has been stated, there does appear to be more than the odd one or two corrupted files of late, so every detail may be important in determining the reason.

  • Im using The latear versión Sisyphus , what can i do?

    You can help Ashley fix this issue, but you need to tell what exact version you use, r184 or r185 or what and upload your corrupted .capx

  • The versión is 4r184 (64bit)


    And The last thing was copying and modifying The code of the falling object to my Game

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  • here is the corrupted capx

  • The project XML has both an object type named 'Family1', and a family called 'Family1'. I have no idea how this could be possible. We cannot fix this unless you can include the steps to reproduce this in the first place - there's no clue how this happened from the project itself. Did you edit the project XML yourself by any chance?

    I managed to recover it by renaming the sprite which was called 'Family1' to 'WasFamily1' and updating the files by hand. You can download it here: - we still have no idea how this could happen though and we definitely want to fix it, so please provide any information you can at all about how this happened.

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