Can't duplicate Tilemap Plugin

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  • Problem Description

    I'm trying to duplicate the tilemap plugin, but it causes c2 to crash when inserting into project.

    I've renamed the ID of the plugin as well.

    Attach a Capx

    this is the new plugin:

    Description of Capx

    When you insert into new project, c2 crashes.

    Steps to Reproduce Bug

    When you insert into new project, c2 crashes.

    Observed Result

    When you insert into new project, c2 crashes.

    Expected Result

    To insert without crashing.

    Operating System and Service Pack

    win vista sp2

    Construct 2 Version ID


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  • Hmm... it's weird.

    It seems you're not able to make a plugin based on the Tilemap plugin

    since there are almost no modifications except the two new properties.

  • yea, even without the other modifications, if you just change the IDs, it still crashes. I tried it again duplicating the original and only changing the ids just to make sure, and still crashed.

  • Its a known issue that third party plugs can't use any other feature than the layout itself.

    Hopefully addressed in C3.

    Its also somewhat by design as they didn't want to have to worry about version control on official plugs

  • Is there a way to discern what features the tilemap plugin is using so that I can remove the non-layout ones?

  • The options are an external editor, or suggesting revisions to the official object.

    They have made several additions based on user input, but it's not a fast process

  • I don't quite understand. I'm wondering how to duplicate a tilemap plugin. You said that it uses features other than the layout? So I need to figure out how to remove those.

  • I don't think you can.

    You can replicate some of the layout, and runtime features, like the Spritesheet plug does. The editor features are exclusive to the official plug.

    Also remember you can have multiples of the object, as well as multiple instances()

    You have access to the texture at runtime, but an object's instances will share it.

  • Oh okay. Yeah, the tilemap has editor stuff for placing the tiles, etc.. I might not need that stuff- I'll try to see if I can remove that.

  • Closing as won't fix. The Tilemap plugin has integration with the editor which is hard-coded in via the plugin ID, so a third party "Tilemap Plus" plugin is not possible. (We advise against that anyway.) C3 has a better plugin architecture that should be more flexible, but for the reasons outlined in that post, we're not really wanting to make it easy for third-party developers to cause unwitting support and maintenance headaches for both us and our users.

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