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  • I still cant see sprites. I posted this in the normal forum a while back, probably around r47 or something, but I cant see sprites or anything on my layout (other than text). I can only see the highlight thats supposed to highlight the object. It's a really annoying bug, and kind of stops me from doing anything complex in construct, and layering- forget about it.

  • Have you tried r51.2? It went up today with an attempted fix for this.

  • Yes, It still didnt work. I just thought of what might be possibly the problem. I installed it on a External hard drive (usb), could that be it?

  • No, it's more likely to be to do with your graphics card and driver. Try updating your graphics driver - also, what kind of graphics card do you have? (Construct 2 should tell you in the about screen once you've opened a layout.)

  • ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics. Updated, and still nothing.

  • here same and works

    what windows?

  • Vista. I have it installed on a External Hard Drive, so I plugged it in to a different computer also running vista, and it worked fine.

    Link to my computer models specs:

  • I'm not sure what to suggest - we were aware of an issue with Radeon HD cards previously which was exactly what you reported, then when we released r51.2 everyone reported it was now fixed - except you. Perhaps try completely uninstalling Construct 2 and re-downloading and re-installing r51.2 from the site?

  • Nope, didn't work. I also attempted to install on to my computer instead of my External Hard Drive, but that also didn't work.

  • Do you have that 'ATI Catalyst Control Center' application some drivers install for you? Not sure if that's related, but if it's there it might have some settings buried in it that affect it.

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  • Are you american? Some countries provide translated drivers, and use old versions of the international ones in their localized websites. If you are from a non english-speaking country and your card settings are in your native language, consider removing that driver and installing the international version.

  • I dont live in america, except this computer was bought there. As for the ATI control center, I don't have it.

  • Just saying that r52 didn't fix the problem.

  • You're gonna drive Ashley crazy.

    Please take a screenshot of what you see exactly in C2, how things are displaying themselves.

    You said you managed in seeing the sprite in image editor but not on the layout at some point. Maybe it is a different problem then what he's been chasing lately.

  • I didn't try to fix the layout-not-appearing bug in r52, only the image editor. I honestly have no idea what to do about the layout not appearing in your case. It's working for everyone else... I think the best course f action now might be to get in touch with ATI and ask why your graphics card doesn't work with this software...

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