Cannot add new animations or frames to a Sprite object

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  • Project file link:

    Repro steps: Double click object "sprite" in "Object types". Right click animation window. Observe the option to "Add animation" is greyed out.

    Expected behavior: "Add animation" is not greyed out.

    Actual Behavior: "Add animation" is greyed out. NOTE: The same occurs for the "Add Frame" option in the Animation Frames window, the option is greyed out.

    Some background info: Construct 2 crashed while I was running the project. When I reopened it, I observed sluggish performance while working in the animation window. I was able to add a few frames to an animation then this bug occurred. It seems the project file has been corrupted. It would be nice if there was a way to fix this without having to redo the project from scratch again.

  • Hi lupyenyoung,

    I've just downloaded your project and it is working fine in Construct 2 and Construct 3 to add an animation.

    I feel whatever happened when Construct 2 crashed may have corrupted something; I would suggest to uninstall and re-install Construct 2 and see if this fixes the error you are getting.

    Hope this helps.

    Luke :)

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  • Yes that worked, thanks for the help Luke.

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