Can't write "z" in comments.

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  • Well... that's pretty much it, I just can't use "z" in my comments. I can use "Z" but when I try to write the letter "z" it just ignores me. I've tried opening a new project and the problem is still there.

    Has this happened to anyone else?

  • Can not confirm. Works on R79.4!

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  • Works here too.

    Strange issue.

    Could you try to "reset the dialogs" in the preferences dialog to see if it makes a difference ?

    If not, could you try uninstalling/reinstalling C2 ?

    Have you noticed the moment 'z' became "non working" ? Could you remember what you did just before ?

  • Also works here! Not sure what could be happening... are you sure the 'z' key works on your keyboard? :)

  • I can't say when it started, but after reseting the dialogs my "z" works fine again :D, and I knew it was not my keyboard 'cause of two reasons:

    1. I'm on my new laptop, it's been on use barely for six months, it couldn't be broken, I take real good care of her and of all my stuff.

    2. "Z" and "z" worked fine on the rest of my software, so the problem was with Construct, and it only happened with "z", "Z" worked just fine.

    Anyway, it's fine now, if only I knew what caused it... I'm sorry I can't be of help... but at least you know it happens... and by the way, it wasn't the capx, I tried with different projects and the problem persisted.

    Thanks for all the help! <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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