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  • Ashley, i have a huge problem with my project, i don't know if it's a bug or not, but after i saved my project and reopen it, i have this screen pop up and crash me out of construct.

    <img src="" border="0" />

    It's nerver happen before after i'm upgraded to R125.

    I backup the file but it's can't open too. It's make me really nervous, because this project is very important for me.

    SOLVED !

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  • farsmile90

    A very quick - and dirty - way of fixing your project is to open the

    'maincode.xml' in the Event Sheet folder in a text editor, and delete the section causing the problem, which are the following lines at 15290-15923:

    <action id="-11" name="Add to" sid="2833" type="HL_daugau1">

         <param id="0" name="Instance variable">0</param>

         <param id="1" name="Value">player</param>


    Save, and the project will then open. You can the re-add whatever value you was trying to add to the instance variable.

  • zenox98, Thank bro so much ! it's work, after del the line cause problem, i'm finally open my project. It's solved.

  • Any ideas how that happened in the first place? C2 shouldn't write an XML file with invalid content like that (not sure how 0 ended up as an instance var param), so if you can reproduce it we should be able to fix it...

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