I can't drag&drop anything into the canvas

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  • Hello there, i'm quite sad because i can't work with construct 2 and i don't know why. When i drag&drop my objects it happen this :

    <img src="http://i54.tinypic.com/11uf4nr.png" border="0" />

    Also if a try a preview it doesn't work, may you help me?

    I use windows xp, service pack 3, 2.26 ghz, 2,99 GB ram.

    VIDEO : ATI Mobility Radeon HD3470

    It doesn't appear anything, so i can't work. I see the images only in the objects panel and in the new object dialog but not in the working area.

    I tried to re-install many time and always the same thing.

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  • Have you tried updating your graphics card driver?

  • hello there and thank's for the reply.

    No i didn't tried to update graphics card driver because the website of ATI send me at this page : link, and so i can't go on. I tried from the acer website but i don't know where i find the drivers of my graphics card after arrived at the web page of my pc model link. Excuse me but it's the first time i have this kind of problem on my pc.

  • Is acer the brand of your laptop ?

    If so, the driver should be one in the "VGA driver" section, probably one of the "ATI" (vendor column) (probably the last driver of the list, as its version seems the higher, and its release date the most recent)

  • Erg. Sorry but this isn't really our fault: your graphics card driver has a problem and probably needs updating, but hardware vendors are so badly organised that they can't even come up with a good arrangement to make it simple to update your drivers.

    You might be able to try:

    • Check for updates on Windows Update and see if it suggests any new drivers
    • Try the 'Hardware Vendor Update Utility' linked to on the page you posted
    • Otherwise, I'm guessing this driver might work. It might not, so please make sure you know how to system restore in case something goes wrong. If you get this far, complain noisily to customer service, because it's appalling that they force you to guess what driver you need.

    Hope that helps.

  • hello there again and thank you for your replies.

    Kyatric: I have an acer notebook

    Ashley: ok. I'll try to install the driver you linked, i hope it all work, but what happen if i fail ? how can i restore the system in case something goes wrong?

  • OH YESSSSS ! ! ! <img src="smileys/smiley42.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    It works !!!

    i've unistalled hd radeon 3470 and reinstalled the new drivers, re start the pc and now it all works fine ! ! !

    thank you a lot :)

  • by the way, preview still not work.

    It load but nothing happen.


  • Congrats on managing to upgrade your driver despite hardware vendors doing their best to make it difficult :)

    Can you post the .capx that doesn't preview?

  • where can i updload the .capx file here in the forum ?

  • Upload your capx to DropBox and copy/paste its public link to this thread.

  • I'm having what appears to be a similar problem, judging from the screenshot. I'm away from my main computer at the moment, but I have this problem on my laptop (Dell 1535 studio, Vista 32, ATI Mobility 3450HD Radeon, about three years old) and on a desktop (Dell, Vista32, ATI card [sorry can't see name at the moment], about three years old).

    I can start construct and it seems to work, but like in the screenshot I cannot see tiles/sprites etc when I drag them onto the layout editor. They appear fine in the resource tab and in the picture editor. I can also see them when I run the program in a browser.

    I am in the process of updating the video card drivers as suggested above, (but its taking a while because I'm having some problems with that, possibly because I can only use the drivers from the Dell website). I'll report on my progress after the drivers have been updated.

    At any rate, I think it is worth noting that even if it is not Scirra's fault, this issue could be a fairly common occurance and one that would put off new users. I am persisting because I know how good this program is after using construct 1 and having used mmf and other game editors in the past. To be honest though, if I hadn't used construct 1 I would be unlikely to persist given that all the other game editors I've tried run fine on both these computers, especially since I don't see any warning on the site like "note this program uses the latest technology and requires graphics drivers to be updated or you may encounter such and such problems".

  • sayajjinn, it is a problem with graphics card drivers, not Construct 2. There's not much we can do about it. We have a tutorial on upgrading your graphics card driver and a link to update drivers in the program itself. I'm not sure what more we can do - you just need to keep your drivers up to date.

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