call to OpenGL ES API with no current context

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  • when application is run on android device, i believe with webgl supported browser (nexus S ice cream sandwitch, 4.0.4) this keeps popping up in eclipse debugger.

    E/libEGL(2266): call to OpenGL ES API with no current context (logged once per thread)

    app seems to be running with software rendering.


  • I'm not sure this is anything to do with Construct 2, because we've got WebGL disabled on mobile for the time being. It's up to the phone how it handles hardware acceleration and it doesn't sound like our code could create that message.

  • ok didn't know that. that's strange then. btw is there a way to turn it on? id like to do some heavy testing :)

  • bump. Ashley I believe, the webgl was removed due to the android devices slow rendering WITH opengl, the truth is, phonegap build (and probably appmobi) don't support hardwareAccelerated flag in the android manifest, but for people that are building apps with eclipse, this is a huge problem, as software rendering is quite slow as you know. Would you be so kind and add support for webgl in phonegap export? also, if there's any option to force enable it in exported project I'd be very grateful if you told me how to do it (export as html5 website and copying c2runtime maybe?).

    thanks and cheers!

  • ranma: AFAIK WebGL is only supported on two browsers, Opera Mobile and Firefox Mobile. I just tried them both again now with WebGL on. Opera Mobile crashes and closes, and Firefox Mobile runs at 4 fps, which is slower than canvas 2D (which only gets about 8 fps, but still, half as fast). Firefox Mobile also has severe display glitches with WebGL on. Both get by and are playable on canvas 2D, even if the framerates still aren't great. So there's really no point enabling it at all right now, there is no mobile browser that has WebGL support that is remotely useful.

    The hardwareAccelerated flag has no effect as far as I'm aware, it's more to do with hardware accelerating OS stuff like button and UI controls. Things like canvas which are software rendered will still be software rendered. So I don't see a reason to play with that flag either.

  • browsers you mentioned are not native browsers. what I meant was a mobile phonegap app and there are already some phones with webgl accelerated canvas so I think forcing webgl on phonegap export is actually limiting c2's capabilities. contrary to webgl in a html5 export running in mobile browser. this I agree should be forced to off.

    cheers, thanks for understanding

  • bump? Ashley again, is there any option (ie. modifying exported code) to turn webgl back on?

  • No mobile native browsers support WebGL! The only two which do are the ones I mentioned.

  • Ashley ok, even if (i don't want to discuss it, thats not the point here), again, is there any option (ie. modifying exported code) to turn webgl back on?

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  • ok, I'm giving up :)

  • Ah, I just have too much to do, sorry. You can try modifying the source in preview.js.

  • I can see that, congratulations on cocoon integration, hopefully it will be a killer :) in the meantime I'm about to fight with webgl, that's where this thread came from.

    Last question, I promise :) , preview.js is for previewing only? I found the "!this.isMobile" which I believe i should remove, but will it also change the phonegap exported js? or only preview? if preview only, where should I look for the file responsible for a phonegap export?

    thanks in advance.

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