C2 Work/Events/Progress dissappears from saved project!

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    I noticed that there was a backup file ( HPNV2.capx.capx.backup1) made at 4:00AM (few moments before I went to sleep, yes that how much work I did on this). I renamed it to .capx, and found all my lost progress! Thank God!!

    So now its clear that when I reopen the project the next day, its somehow replace save from the AutoSave file('HPNV2.capx.capx.autosave' saved at 11:00PM, previous night)! I am not sure how to reproduce this error.


    Problem Description

    I been using C2 for 2 or more years and never had this issue. I am working on a new game, I work all day so keep my C2 project open and keep saving my game every now and then. When I put my laptop to sleep/shutdown and start the next day, all my changes are GONE!!! I mean, several hours of work just disappeared. Initially I thought its a one time thing, but then It happened again today morning! All my work from yesterday is gone! How can this be possible?

    Are you guys replacing OLD AUTO SAVE FILES into latest saved file?

    Please look into it.. I feel like giving up.

    I also periodically get this strange error message. I have never seem this before

    UPDATE #2

    Here is a new Error message I got

    UPDATE #3

    After a while, C2 is saving my project as .autosave instead of .capx! My original project file hasnt been saved for several hours, instead its been saving it

    HPNV4.capx.capx.autosave. See screenshot

    Attach a Capx

    ____ Upload a Capx to this post ____

    Description of Capx

    ____ Concise description of what this CapX does ____

    Steps to Reproduce Bug

    • Step 1
    • Step 2
    • Step 3 etc.

    Observed Result

    Progress is lost when I open a saved project the next day

    Expected Result

    Save project properly. Dont replace with old autosave files may be?

    Affected Browsers

    • NA
    • NA
    • NA

    Operating System and Service Pack

    Windows 10

    Construct 2 Version ID

    C2 r246

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  • SamRock

    Why did you post this same bug report 4 times?

    BTW If you can't find a way to re-create the bug then there is really nothing Ashley can do with your report.

  • zenox98 Ia m sorry, I have no clue how this happened!!

    The submit failed few times (the usually "Out of resource" message, and it takes me to your hosting site),

    I just pressed refresh. I must have done it couple of times without knowing its already posted.

    Please delete the rest and keep this one only, because I found the issue and have mentioned the possible cause too.

    Its a very rare and random issue that hasnt occurred in 2 years of my usage of C2. I will try to keep track if it occurs again

  • I have made three updates t this post along with screenshots. Again, I am unable to say at what moment this starts happening. But I will keep close watch now

  • Sorry, there's nothing we can do about a report like this. The bug report requirements are there so we actually have a way of helping you.

  • Hi Ashley,

    Thanks for responding. I been getting this error too frequently these days. I am proactively savng my files as new version every few hours.

    Please let me know which requirement I need to fulfill. Attaching a CAPX would not help becuase its happening with all my projects.

    I have posted multiple screenshots of the error messages I got, there is no way I can reproduce the error because it happens at random times.

  • Ashley

    After the C2 beta R248, I am not seeing this problem anymore. Infact, I keep my project open all day long and there is still no AutoSave/Backup issue!

    Looks like you got a chance to "fix" it, thank you so much!!!

  • I didn't do anything to fix this. Only the things in the changelog were different in r248. Either one of those things was somehow responsible, or it's a sporadic issue that has simply gone away for the time being.

  • I didn't do anything to fix this. Only the things in the changelog were different in r248. Either one of those things was somehow responsible, or it's a sporadic issue that has simply gone away for the time being.

    I see, I am really happy that C2 is back to being normal!

    I had to spend hours making sure my code is not replaced or lost

  • hey i've got this message too.

    i think it happenned after I copy-pasted something then trying to save the project.

    can you check it out?


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