C2 game creator has stopped working

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  • Problem Description

    So I never had a problem like this before, but today, everytime when I start C2, a errormessage appears and it closes my C2 application.

    After I started C2, it goes 10-20 seconds, then the errormessage shows up.

    Attach a Capx

    Description of Capx


    Steps to Reproduce Bug

    I just start my C2 application

    Observed Result

    So I can debug the problem, here's what it says:

    Expected Result

    Just want to work in C2

    Affected Browsers


    Operating System and Service Pack

    Construct 2 Version ID

    Does anybody know how to fix this problem? It happend now about 6-7 times... never had this problem before. Thanks!

  • Perhaps due to C2 crashing with elements remaining in memory. Have you tried restarting the computer?

    Otherwise, could also be worth trying to reinstall C2.

  • Yep I already restarted my computer and downloaded the new C2 version => uninstalled the old one and installed the new one.

    I will try it again later after work, maybe it works then. But thanks wmsgva for your help

  • Nefaru

    The reference is to your Intel GPU graphics driver, so I would say either a GPU or OS update has broken something. This is not a C2 issue, but a driver issue.

    Have you recently had a GPU or OS update?

    Look for updated Intel drivers.

  • Okey, I will check that when I'm home! But normally I always try to have the newest versions for all my drivers. But you're right, I had some problems with my Intel card a few weeks ago... definitely check that later, thanks zenox98 !

  • Try updating Construct 2 to version r230 and see if that helps.

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  • I had a similar problem. This proved useful:

    For the record, I would strongly recommend you don't install AMD or nVidia's 'control panel' software (Catalyst Control Center for AMD, can't remember what the nVidia equivalent is), or if you do, leave them at their default settings. We had trouble with them in Construct Classic as well - they just seem to be a nice way to break applications. They're intended for games, but they can break anything using hardware acceleration, which both Construct Classic, Construct 2, and all modern browsers also use.

    Usually if you do a custom install you have an option to install just the driver, and nothing else. You only need the driver, so try do that if you can.

  • When did I write that? :S I think it would have been a few years ago at least. I'm not sure it's still relevant - those tools now help ensure you have the latest driver installed, which is definitely a good thing...

  • Anyway, ig75icd64.dll is the Intel graphics driver, and so the problem is with the driver and not Construct 2, so closing. You'll need to either update the graphics driver, or if it's already the latest, report the problem to Intel.

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