C2 freezing!

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  • Randomly while using C2, the whole programs freezes (Doesn't matter what I'm doing). The only way to unfreeze it is to either force close and restart (Losing data) or Ctl, Alt, Del and exiting the task manager (Which unfreezes the whole program, like nothing ever happened.

    Anyone have this happen to them?

    Running latest build as of posting this, 187 I think?

    Windows 8.1.

  • No one at all is having this problem? This really cuts into my productivity.

  • Hope its not an OS issue. Wouldn't know exactly cuz Im runnin Win 7. I might try it on someone elses comp tommoz and see if same issue. Are u running the Required Specs?

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  • jweickum - are you saving to dropbox or a similar cloud service? Any place that something else might be accessing the files?

  • Closing as this is posted in the Bugs forum not following the guidelines, so there is nothing we can do to investigate.

    r187 is an old build, the latest is r193. Try testing that since we may have already fixed the problem.

  • It's like slowdown, yes. Me too and other people in this forum. You bought it on steam? I did, what a mistake. I use my personal version only when it is necesarry. When it's slowdown it is terrible, but wait a while until the speed is normal and now it's time to save. I know it helps to close C2 and start it again but sometimes only for several minutes. Licencekey for the other version could help! Btw now it doesn't happen again so often.

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