*C2 Editor* Edit windows not opening (r269)

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  • While in Construct 2, I will try to add an object, add an action, add an event, or even edit a sprite and the window simply will not open. In order to do anything I have to press the escape button as if I'm closing the window, but it never even showed up. I've tried using different projects but not even a new project will allow any windows to open. I'm not sure if Windows(OS) is not allowing it or not but it is something that is preventing me from progressing with my projects and I've tried many things to resolve this, including reinstalling C2 but nothing seems to work. I even made sure Windows(OS) is up-to-date but it will not help. If anyone can help, please let me know.

  • After much investigating, I discovered the problem and I have solved it.

    The Problem

    I have a Dual monitor setup, which has caused the problem. After my pc updated over a week ago, Construct 2 has confused the area in which it should open "editor" windows.

    The Solution

    Once I thought of this, I simply set my display mode to "show only on display 1". After that, I opened an "editor" window (ex. "edit behavior", or "add object") and it finally showed up on the screen.

    Further Problem

    When I set my display mode back to "extend displays," I tried to open an "editor" window but the problem still occurred.

    Further Solution

    I continuously reverted back and forth from "show only on display 1" to "extend displays" until I finally understood the situation. When in "show only on display 1" the windows would appear on screen, but the only way for this to continue happening was for me to move each type of window back to the center of the screen (this is not necessary for every object, just use one object for all types of "editor" windows), close the project and reopen it after reverting back to "extend displays".

    Final Solution Steps

    1. set diplay mode to "show only on display 1"

    2. open a project in Construct 2

    3. open each type of "editor" window

    4. move each "editor" window to the center of the screen

    5. close Construct 2 (saving project is not necessary)

    6. set display mode back to "extend displays"

    7. open a project in Construct 2 and everything should work properly

    Further Information

    This problem does not occur in Construct 3 because Construct 3 will not allow an "editor" window to show up outside of the screen. This feature would be very helpful in Construct 2, as it would prevent this problem from happening to others.

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  • You can probably also avoid this by clicking the "Reset dialogs" button in Settings. One of the reasons it's there is to fix disappearing dialogs if your display configuration changes.

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