C2: bug on key released with 2 keys pressed

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  • Hi Everybody,

    I just noticed that when I Press 2 keys And I released one , then the released animation is active and the player goes to the direction.


    C2 example Space Blaster game


    If you press Left And Right simultaneously and then release Right >>

    The space ship is going Left but with the Defaut animation and not the left animation.

    For this game difference is quite not visible but in platform you don't want the player to do some bizarre moonwalk and just slide on the ground.

    Tried on Chrome + Firefox

    Sorry if it has been said already

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  • Hi me again,

    Just to say that to prevent the above issue you can just add the following condition


    On key released Right Arrow

    + On Key down Left Arrow   


    Set animation to PlayerLeftAnimation !

    As a consequence am not sure it is a bug but I am surprised Scirra left it in the Space blaster game (released on Chrome) so it's more a game bug

    Cheers :)

  • Hi Ketoulou,

    I have the same issue that you describe in your first post.

    I tried your solution but does not work.

    Construct version: Release 126 (64bits)


    1) Press Right arrow

    2) Press Left arrow without release the Right key

    3) Release Left without release the Right key

    Then the player is going right but with the left animation.

    How can fix this behavior?

    Example dropbox.com/s/0er5oqvyuavk5kr/Test.capx


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