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  • I'm trying to build a simple expression in Construct 2 R66 but whatever I try C2 just crashes with no error messages.

    I'm building a quick tutorial and just trying to subtract 5 from health on a mouse click, but when clicking done Construct 2 just stops working.

    I get the same error as described in this THREAD when using a global variable but a hard crash with no error display when using instance variables.

    Sorry for the post was going to post in the other thread but it's a different error but may somehow be related.

  • Sorry for the double post but I tried the quick fix that Ashley posted in the other thread but still get the same crashes.

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  • im getting the same error, i was trying to add to an instance var with (rubber.Width-rubber.init_len)*30*dt and when ever i click done or cancel it just crashes, so i opened up the example i was learning from and opened the var on there and it did the same thing, i know it worked b4 this build.

  • Does it happen all the time? Even if you click Cancel?!

  • sorry i was mistaken it only happens when i click done, not cancel, cancel and back do not effect it. and yes it happens with any instance variable i try to change with events with add to subtract from and set

  • Same here back & cancel work fine just when clicking done it crashes.

    I have set the width of an object using*healthbar.maxwidth and that works fine it just seems to be when changing a variable.

  • Should be fixed in r67.

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