Bugs Make Construct 2 Impossible To Use

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  • Hello.

    I use Construct 2 for a long time.

    I think it's the best engine for game making.

    But there are too many bugs that make this impossible to use.

    Example 1:

    On Object (which is on Layout 1) Clicked: PlayButton - Go To Layout 2 (Game's Scene)

    That works. And then I make the same thing to go back to main menu (Layout 1).

    On Object clicked: BackButton - Go To Layout 1 (Main Menu)

    It doesn't work. The first button works, and the other one works.

    I tried to re-install Construct 2 many times, but that doesn't work.

    Another thing.

    I made a sprite called Player.

    I gave it behaviors: 8 Directions, SCROLL TO, Bound To Layout.

    The map was big.

    I know how SCROLL TO works, the map must be bigger than the window thing.

    But when I go down, my character STOPS AT ONE PART AND THEN I CANNOT GO UP.

    When I go right, my character STOPS AT ONE PART THEN I CANNOT MOVE ANYMORE.

    It's SCROLL TO problem because it works when I remove it.

    But that part isn't the end of the map, or the end of the window.

    By the way my character is in up-left corner.

    I can move it at the beginning until I reach those parts, as I said.

    Please fix these bugs, because I cannot make anything!

    Really my game is just a normal game, with nothing special!

    Yes, I can remove the main menu, BUT THE MOVING DOESN'T WORK!

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  • It does not look like C2 bugs, but more like you are doing something wrong here.

    Unfortunately without seeing your capx file or events there's not much we can do to help you.

  • I agree with shinkan. Seems like you're doing something wrong. The only way to know for sure is post the capx or reproduce the bugs in a smaller test and show that capx.

  • Hello.

    This is what I did while writing my post.

    When my sprite comes close to position 350, 200 it stops moving.

    Please open Construct 2 and do this:

    Step 1: New Project > New Empty Project.

    Step 2: Window Size: 850, 600 > Layout Size: 2000, 2000.

    Step 3: Insert New Object > Sprite.

    Step 4: Sprite Size: 50, 50 > Position: 25, 26.

    Step 5: Add Behaviors: 8 Direction, Scroll To, Bound To Layout.

    Step 6: Run Layout.

    I'd love to send you my test game if I can export to Scirra Arcade.

    It says I need a new version, but not an upgrade.

    But I removed and downloaded Construct 2 yesterday.

  • Just did all of that in R201 and the one from first post as you described. Everything works as expected.

  • I sent you a friend request on Steam. I won't tell my name here but it's a zombie picture.

  • TooManyCooks would have been a better name.

    Just saying.

  • Can my games in Construct 2 have 60 fps?

    Is it possible to make fullscreen in .exe?

  • Closing, please follow the bug report guidelines or there is nothing we can do to help you. We ask for that information so that we can actually help; if you don't provide it, you're not allowing us to help you.

  • Oh, sorry. By the way I have a serious problem with Construct 2 free, and I really need help with it. I will send you a video of what's happending.

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