bug when try open old project

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    Construct 2 Check failure


    Check failure! This is probably a bug:

    Condition ID does not appear to exist in related behavior

    Condition: behavior_type->GetBehavior()->HasConditionID(cnd_id)

    File: Projects\EventCondition.cpp

    Line: 45

    Function: __thiscall EventCondition::EventCondition(class EventBlock &,class ObjectClass *,class BehaviorType *,int,class std::vector<class std::unique_ptr<class EventParameter,struct std::default_delete<class EventParameter> >,class std::allocator<class std::unique_ptr<class EventParameter,struct std::default_delete<class EventParameter> > > > &&,unsigned __int64)

    Build: release 127 (32-bit) checked

    Component: Construct 2 IDE

    (Last Win32 error: 0)

    You are using a 'checked' release of Construct 2, intended for testing, which causes certain errors to be reported this way. Hit Ctrl+C to copy this messagebox - it's useful information for the developers, so please include it with any bug reports! Click 'Abort' to quit (unsaved data will be lost!),'Retry' to turn off messages for this session and continue, or 'Ignore' to continue normally.


    Przerwij   Pon�w pr�be   Ignoruj   


    I cant send capx sorry

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  • Closing, this is usually caused by buggy third party plugins, and without extra information we have to assume it's that.

  • Ashley can you write little more about this bug?

  • It's probably caused by third party plugins, that's all I can say.

  • delgado

    Not sure if the following is of any help, but......

    You could try extracting the files from the .capx and opening up the .caproj in a text editor and see what plugins are used.

    Any ones that don't say "plugin author="Scirra"......" could be the culprit, and would warrant further investigation, possibly seeking out the author.

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